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Angel in the Sky
by Lisa Mariani

Driving along, I'll randomly cry
Then I look out the window, and see an angel in the sky.

Not a day goes by without you on my mind
The memories of how you were so loving and kind.

We all feel you are with us, each and every day,
And know that you help, in a very special way.

Life goes on here, but it will never be the same,
I try and help others, and I do it in your name.

For if I try very hard, for the rest of my days on Earth,
Maybe I can come close, to what your life was worth.

Your smile still inspires, as people read about your life,
A great husband you would have made to a very lucky wife.

You loved all kinds of people, we knew from the very start,
With God and your family, being the closest to your heart.

I pray for strength and guidance, in all things that I do,
I'll try my best in this world, with daily thoughts of you.

It will never seem fair and I'll never understand
How someone so great could be taken from this land.

I know someday in Heaven I'll find the answer to "why?"
Until then I'll keep looking for my angel in the sky.


God's Plan
by Sharon Lane

The lights and the music, the sounds of good cheer,
But all I can think of is "I wish you were here."
I know you are happy, and don't want me to cry,
But the tears flow so easy when I ask myself "why?"
Why did this happen to you, my dear son?
Who was spreading God's word, and had only begun?
Your heart was so pure, and your soul was on fire,
To bring others to Him had become your desire.
But as a man here on Earth, only so much could you do....
But, all in God's time, He had big plans for you!
So, you laid down your life on that cool Autumn night,
With your Bible in your hand, and God in your sight....
"Forgive them please," your friends heard you say,
As you closed your eyes and then began to pray.
Thru the story of your death, your legacy will spread,
As people have been told, and others have read.....
You effect so many more, by what you have done,
Than you could have on Earth, All the souls you have won!
And so, my dear son, you were part of His plan....
He chose YOU for this....you are one special man!

God's Window
by Sharon Lane

Throwing stones at God's windows....Hoping He will look out
See my eyes filled with tears, and my heart full of doubt.
"Why did this happen, my voice will then cry....
Why did you take him? Why did he die?
Why am I left with just memories and dreams,
That play on my mind, and tug at the seams......
Of my heart that is breaking, and pouring out tears,
That come from remembering twenty-three years?"
Then I see God look out, with His eyes full of love,
And His arms are outstretched, as He reaches from above.
Then He picks me up and holds me tight,
"My child," He says, "everything is alright,
I know how you feel, For my son...He died too....
But His death brought new life, and your son lives anew.
His job was well done, and I needed him here....
He walks with my son, but don't cry...he is near!"
Then, He touched my heart, and said "See, he is there....
He still sends his love, to be with you everywhere.
Know that he's happy, and free from all pain.
When your life here is thru, you will see him again."
Then, the window is gone, and I put down my stone....
I don't hear His voice, but I don't feel alone.
For the spirit lives within, and my son's in my heart,
And I know without doubt, that we'll never be apart.

by Sharon Lane
My son, my son, my baby boy,
For nearly 23 years
You have brought me such joy.
You came into this world
Just over five pounds in weight.
You were 5 weeks early
Guess you didn't want to wait.
From your very first steps, to your first words spoken....
I treasured these in my heart
That would someday be broken.
A straight "A" student all thru school,
You gave it your all
And made that your rule.
From family and friends, to your beloved dog, Buster,
You poured out your love,
With all you could muster.
I remember baseball games, watching you play--
Pitching and hitting,
You could bat either way.
Such a handsome young man you grew up to be
With a heart full of love
That everyone could see.
My beautiful son, such a tragic end,
But there is no greater love
Than to lay your life down for a friend!
So now, its with Jesus you have gone to be,
Your presence on Earth, we no longer see.
Yes, we cry these tears as we lay you to rest,
But we know that Heaven has taken the best.
I'll see you again,
I love you my son.
I'll see you again,
When my time here is done.
by Sharon Lane
I think that I've cried every tear that I had,
They seem to have dried, but the heart....still so sad.
It's not that its easier, or I'm "getting along,"
... And it's not that I'm coping, or that I'm so strong.
Its just that....what else can I really do?
I'm breathing, as time.....ticks on without you.
So, the tears fall inside and no one can see,
That the smile on the outside is not really me.
It hides the big hole that was left in my heart,
As I watched you that night, when you had to depart.
And, now as I write this, and read thru it all,
The tears have regrouped
As they
by Sharon Lane
Sometimes I can almost hear your voice, in the rustling of the trees.....
And, sometimes, I almost feel your touch, in the gently blowing breeze.....
In the memories of more happy times, I always see your face,
... And through the words you've written down, I always find a trace....
Of the essence that you left behind.....the legacy, that is you.
Flesh and soul were all entwined in the person we all knew.
But now, through death, Earth's body's done....As humans, we all grieve.
For the glory that your soul has found, human beings cannot perceive.
So I know that you're still here with me, beside me all the way...
Which is why I "feel" and "hear" you in things...you have not gone away!
For the body just confines the person that we see....
You are here, and you're with God....your spirit is now free.
The Bridge
by Sharon Lane

The night winds blow, the sky grows dark,
And sunlight goes away.
Our eyes, they close...our body rests,
Until the dawn of day.
So night becomes The Bridge, The Link....
To move us on in Time.
As summer moves into Fall,
The heat begins to fade.....
Trees lose leaves, the land looks bare,
And beauty cannot stay.
So winter, like a Bridge, A Link.....
It moves us on in Time.....
To Spring, when life begins anew,
With grass, and bright sunlight.
We laugh, we smile, we feel reborn,
The wrongs have been made right!
And, so it is with Death and Life,
Our death is but a blink.....
It carries us from here, to God,
And so, becomes The Link.....
From life on Earth, to God's great glory,
We have to cross that bridge.
The bridge that will, but last a moment,
As we complete our Story.
And so my son, your story is done,
You told it Loud and Clear!
You left the dark and pain behind,
And ran it with no Fear.
And, as you reached the other side, God met you, full of Love,
He said, "Good job, well done, my son,
I watched you from above."

Let Grief Be
by Sharon Lane

The oceans are not deep enough,
to hold all of the tears,
The mountains are not high enough,
to look o'er all the years....
That it would take, to even dim,
The pain, when your child is killed.....
The tears don't dry, the pain won't stop,
...So don't ask that grief be stilled.
It is not done, for pity or fame...
attention is not the key,
So, unless you've walked this nightmare path.....
Be still, and let grief be.

by Sharon Lane

I watched as you were born,
And I watched as you died,
But, its everything in-between....
That has led to hearts, so shattered and crushed,
In a grief that was unforeseen.
... A smile that could light
The darkest of days,
With a laugh that made others laugh too....
And hands that were always willing to help,
Is the boy others saw and knew.
So, yes it is very hard
To look back,
And recall that night that unfurled....
But the pain is well worth all the good times had,
Wouldn't trade them for the world!

Last Minute Thoughts
by Sharon Lane

When you reach that last moment
of your life here on Earth.....
What goes through your mind?
Do you start with your birth?
Will you think of the times
when a hug.....you held back?
Or the love wasn't shown,
... And compassion was lacked?
Was there someone who needed your help
But you couldn't?
Or a stranger who asked for a dime,
But you wouldn't?
Were you angry too much?
Say no.....turn away?
When all someone needed,
Was a smile that day?
Did you do unto others.....
As you would have done unto you?
Are there moments of regret?
Are there many.....or just a few?
Would you have laid down your life
For a friend, or a stranger?
Putting them first......
And, yourself in the danger?
For we reap what we sow,
And we sow what we reap....
"When you do this for the least of my brothers,
You do this for me."
Not Our Home

This Earth is only home,
Away from home......
Temporary, like the blink of an eye.
... Yet, when waves of despair
Come rushing ashore.....We always cry out, "Lord, why?"
Why did this happen?
Why must it be?
How can this heart ever heal?
And, He leads us on, through the darkness of night,
Through the pain, that attacks us with zeal.
We travel so slowly in time
That is seems.....
That Hell has broke loose from below.
But, if we rely on the Lord up above,
He will hold us, and we shall know.....
That all which happens
Has purpose down here.....
And, soon, we shall see the light.
He will reveal the why's and the how's
Of what happened that fateful night.
But, for now, we must see
That this isn't our home....
We're only just travelers en route.
When this journey ends, and our loved ones we see,
We'll know what its all been about.
Fork in the Road
by Sharon Lane

My life has a permanent fork in the road,
That I wish had remained untravelled.
But Easy Street just suddenly closed,
... When everything unravelled.
Prior to that, it was "what do I wear?"
And, "How should I do my hair?"
"I'm tired today", or..
"What should I say?" and...
"That call was so unfair!"
Complaints...they came so easy then,
Prior to that day.
The day you gave up all you had,
And had to go away.
So, now, things seem so trivial---
A headache, or a cold,
Priorities were rearranged
When Life was put on hold.
And, since the day that fork appeared,
I have now, but one goal.......
To live as you have taught me to,
And pay that final toll.
by Sharon Lane

In the blink of an eye, your world can crumble,
And leave you gasping in the rubble.....
For a breath of air, like there used to be,
... When your dreams were light, and your eyes could see....
The beauty of the world around,
Before it all came tumbling down.....
And tossed you into this dark abyss,
Where time stands still, and you have missed.....
All of life going on above,
But through despair, you feel His love.....
Envelop you, and hold you tight,
And you know in your heart, He will make it right.....
The Shield
by Sharon Lane

A thin shield lies, between reality and me.
It was born after last September...........
And serves as a buffer around my heart,
... Like a fog, so I don't remember.
If it stands firm, and does what it should,
Keeping my mind occupied..........
The tears stay at bay, for most of the day,
And my heart doesn't know that it died.
But, sometimes, I think, it must get tired,
Always standing on guard..........
A thought will strike me from out of the blue,
And shatter this sanity hard.
If I stop for a moment and cut thru the veil,
My mind will recall that day........
The tears will fall as if it were then,
As the armor
by Sharon Lane

The Fireman rushing into a burning home....
A Hero is born that day.
The policeman fighting crime in the streets....
A Hero in every way.
The soldier going off to war....
For this Hero, too, we pray.
A hero is someone who gives of himself,
No matter what the cost....
... Feeding the hungry, clothing the poor,
Helping to find the lost.
Visiting the sick, loving the old....
Tending to all their cries....
When we do this for the least of them,
We're a hero in someone's eyes.
No greater Love is there, then to lay down your life for another.
This, we heard Jesus say....
And, a young man in Canton, who did just that,
Became a Hero that September Day.

written for Sharon's son, Dominick Braccio:
by Sharon Lane

I know your heart was crushed that day,
Yet, you stood strong and tall.....
With arms outstretched, to hold me up,
If I should start to fall.
The words you spoke, filled me with joy,
And love through all the tears....
I felt so proud to be your mom,
As I have throughout these years.
... You said, he was your Hero.
So brave, so honest, and true....
But did you know, your little bro
Always looked up to you?
My son, my son, I love you so much,
You've helped me through this strife....
I want you to know how grateful I am,
To have you in my life!

written for Sharon's daughter, Jackie Braccio:
by Sharon Lane

I know your heart was crushed that day,
Yet, you stood by my side....
To hug me, and to help me through,
Together, yes we cried.
You spoke of him, your "Li'l Bro,"
As your eyes filled up with tears....
I felt so proud to be your mom,
As I have throughout these years.
... You said he always had your back,
Like on that last bike ride....
But, did you know, as his big "sis"
You filled him wiith such pride?
My only daughter, I love you so much,
You've helped me through this strife....
I want you to know how grateful I am,
To have you in my life!

by Sharon Lane

There was a time in my life, where I wasn't so free,
To attend the church of my choice.
But we went anyway, being brave to defy,
Because we heard God's own voice.
He said, "Go, this is where I want you to be,
The enemy has no right to ban,
I need to work with your son for a while,
So he can fulfill my plan."
I didn't understand all the "why's" at the time,
But He made it so easy to go,
... And, then, when He called my son home that day,
That's when I came to know....
He had molded and shaped him, into the man,
That he had become inside....
So he would be ready to answer God's call,
That September night when he died.
For he was who he was, because of his Faith!!
And how he was raised in the past...
For what was instilled in him as a youth,
Was planted....forever...to last!
For God used this act, as part of his Plan,
To lead others to find His Grace....
Over a decade ago, when it first unfurled,
He knew the Time and the Place!
So, now we know, as God has shown...
Everything happens for a Reason....
We still found our way to church back then....
And, now, it's come Full Season.
by Sharon Lane

Are you as proud of me, son,
As I am of you?
Since the day you went Home,
And my heart broke in two.
I've tried to be strong,
While I'm drowning inside,
Amidst all the memories,
And tears that I've cried.
... Its been hard to go on,
Without you here on Earth,
Since I witnessed your death,
As I witnessed your birth.
But, I gave it a go,
And I hope I succeed,
And, in doing so, hope....
That you're proud of me!
I tell your story far and wide...
I tell of your life,
And that night that you died.
Of how you loved Jesus,
And, how, in the end...
Your Love was so great,
You gave your life for a friend!
And then, before dying,
You asked us to pray,
And to forgive them, as you,
Had forgiven that day.
So, you see, for this job,
I must remain strong,
If I am to sing
Your Viictory Song!
So, my son..are you proud of me?
As I am of you?
Since the day you went Home,
And my heart broke in two.

by Sharon Lane

Forgiveness is the Key to Peace,
It puts an end to strife.....
But how does my heart forgive
Those men who took your life?
A wall of anger, grief, and tears
Arose since last September.....
Fortified by hurt and pain,
The Heart forced to remember.
... Images of that night,
Embedded deep within.....
Yet, they must now be tucked away,
If Goodness is to win.
So, someday, when I meet those men,
I know what I must do....
I must Forgive them in my heart,
Because You asked me to.

by Sharon Lane

The leaves, as they drift
To the ground in the Fall,
Relinquish the branch with such Grace....
They're dying, but still,
All the beauty is there,
In the color they show on their face.
The branches they leave,
Look barren and dull,
... Their color no longer a show.
But, beauty returns,
As temperatures fall,
And they become covered with snow.
Yet this too,
Shall be surpassed,
As Spring will soon arrive....
With warmth in the air,
And green everywhere,
The Earth says, "I'm still alive!"
And so, too with us,
We will shine bright,
And death will have no sting....
As we go forward
From this Life,
And hear the Angels sing!
God will then say,
"Welcome Home"
When we meet Him face to face.....
Death has thus
Been cast aside,
We've conquered it with Grace!

The Way
by Sharon Lane

I wish I could be
That person I was,
Before the world fell apart.
But, when tragedy strikes,
You drop to your knees,
And try to catch your heart.
I wish I could smile,
I wish I could laugh,
... I wish I could dream happy dreams.
But frowns, and tears
Are all that appear,
And, sleep's hard to get, so it seems.....
The eyes tell it all,
Friends say they look sad,
But, how does that gleam reappear?
It must have been tied
To the heart when it broke,
Because both are no longer here.
But, I'm on my knees,
And I look to the sky,
For I know my answer is there.
I see you, My God,
And you're lifting me up,
As my soul is filled with prayer.
You comfort me,
And wipe the tears,
Telling me it will be ok.
I feel your peace,
Soothing my soul,
And I know I have found The Way.

by Sharon Lane

Grief is the price we pay
For having the privelege of loving so much.
Grief is worth the price!
If we never love, True---we won't grieve,
But what does that mean, except a life full of loneliness.
If we never grieve, we never loved.
But, if we've never loved,
We've never been truly happy.
Grief is worth it.

A Mother's Love
by Sharon Lane

Kissing boo-boos, drying tears,
A mother's love protects.
Always watching out ahead,
Surroundings she inspects.....
For hidden dangers, bumpy roads,
Whatever may cause harm,
Instincts kicked in highest gear
Cause reaction when alarmed.
... She teaches him right from wrong,
And not to talk to strangers,
All Life's lessons learned from Love,
From safety to the dangers.
But soon those years are in the past,
The child is now a man.
She can't protect him like she did,
She's done all that she can.
So when she learns that someone else
Has caused her child such pain,
She wants to run and comfort him,
And make it go away.
Unable to, with shattered heart,
When tragedy is dealt,
She cries each time she thinks about....
The pain he must have felt.

Letter to God
by Sharon Lane

I'm not mad at You....I just don't understand.
So I keep going on, the best that I can.
I know You'll reveal the reason someday....
Just wish there had been some other way.
Since then, I have noticed some changes in me....
I cherish the beauty in all that I see.
I look to the sky so much more these days,
And marvel at sunsets, then thank You in praise.
... A beautiful flower, the grass, a rich green....
The squirrels and birds...all your gifts can be seen.
The voice of a child, the sound of the rain.
All of these help, to cover the pain.
And, I find myself now, growing closer to You,
My faith getting stronger, my spirit anew.
Maybe that's the purpose of these trials we must face.....
Since often, thru suffering, we find Your embrace.
When the tears are free-flowing, and the heart starts to cry......
We crash at Rock Bottom, and look to the sky!

by Sharon Lane

Time is fleeting,
Forward marching on.....
Yesterday is gone.
Words not spoken,
Promises broken,
... Love begins to fade....
Insults blasting,
Grudges lasting,
Time can't be replayed.
So, look to God, the Great I Am,
The Way, the Truth, the Light...
As He will make your heart anew,
And chase away the night.
Then, Love unbending,
Time will still march on....
But now, fullfilling,
Spirit willing,
Eyes fixed on the Son.
So, when your final hour comes,
And Life has its last dance.....
You won't have to turn around,
And say, "Just one more chance?"

The Sign
by Sharon Lane

I thank God for the sign that you sent me that day,
That said, "Mom, I am here, and I'm doing ok."
I still have the proof, that I keep tucked away,
To pull out, and look at, when I have a hard day.
The only sign that I've ever received,
But that's all it took to make me believe......
What I knew in my heart to be true to the core,
But, like Thomas, who doubted,
... You knew I'd need more......
Than a beautiful sunset, or a frilly white cloud,
These would just be a whisper,
And I'd need something loud.
So, you sent me your sign
And, it rang loud and clear....
It said, "mom, I'm with Him,
And I'm still very near!
So keep this to look at, every now and then,
To comfort and reassure you.....
Till I see you again."

One Year Ago
by Sharon Lane

One year ago today, the angels took you home.
One year ago today, we had to let you go.
One year ago today, my world was torn apart,
One year ago today, sorrow pierced my heart.
A shot rang thu the air
On that night last September,
Causing pain and breaking hearts,
I always will remember.....
The phone call I got late at night,
Yet having faith you'd be alright,
The drive that seemed to never end,
While trying hard to comprehend........
Just how, and why, and where,, and WHY?
Still, never thinking you might die!
I watched the doctors work on you,
Till the wee hours of the morn'
That ended with the words "I'm sorry"....
Oh, how my heart was torn!
I couldn't think, couldn't cry,
It all seemed so unreal.....
The mind shut down, protection mode,
I couldn't even feel!
A year has passed since evil tried
To rear its ugy head......
But good prevailed, God overruled,
And Love began to spread!
I won't presume to know the reason,
Why He took you home.
Guess He needed you for something big,
And someday I will know.
No greater Love has a man,
Than to lay down his life for another....
And, lay it down, you did, my son.....
I'm so proud to be your mother!

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